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If you read my blog last fall then you probably remember the Pho Challenge– pho of truly epic proportions at Richmond’s own Pho Garden. Well my friend Eyal, who was very much defeated by the pho, will soon be going for it again and this time with a game plan. I sat down with him the other day to talk about what his strategy is going to be this time around. Listen here:


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Stow Lake has been an important part of Golden Gate Park for more than 100 years. And the Stow Lake Boathouse, known for its snack bar with pink popcorn and old school rowboats available for rent, has been near and dear to the hearts of many San Franciscans for generations.

So it comes as no surprise that when the SF Rec and Parks Department recently announced a new plan for the boathouse a group of locals, outraged at the idea, quickly stepped up and formed the Save Stow Lake Boathouse Coalition in hopes of preserving the boathouse in its current state.

And, while not everyone thinks the Rec and Parks Department’s plan is a bad idea, you wouldn’t know it from the crowd that showed up at Saturday’s Stow Lake Boathouse Party.

"Don't Heist the Hoist": The hoist, used for moving the rowboats, in the old boathouse; part of the character the Save Stow Lake Boathouse Coalition hopes to preserve.

The Valentines Day themed party brought out people young and old from all over the Bay Area who wished to show their support for what they see as an invaluable part of Golden Gate Park.

The party, meant to raise awareness about the boathouse’s current situation and garner support, had arts and crafts activities for the kids and a prize raffle. Refreshments were also handed out by volunteers to all boathouse supporters including their famous pink popcorn which you got if you signed the petition to “keep the character and architectural exterior of the boathouse to remain the same.”

Some of the folks from Tree Frog Treks came out to the celebration as well. They even brought a few of their animal friends along including Ivan, the African Clawed Tortoise, and Speedy, the Pacific Gopher Snake. (Unfortunately, Speedy was not as photogenic as Ivan.)

This is Ivan,and yes, he is wearing a hat.

Also in attendance was LaRanger (Lorraine Grassano) and her rapping Raven, Nazdaq. And while I wasn’t able to get any video if her rapping at the event, here is some footage of she and Nazdaq performing their “Cut the Restaurant Crap Rap” at a December Rec and Parks Commission meeting.

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While the so-called “auto-boosting” has long been a problem for the Richmond, the month of January saw a steep uptick in another vehicle related crime in a neighborhood that is usually otherwise known for having relatively low crime.

The number of auto thefts in the district rose sharply last month according to the SFPD at the Richmond StationCaptain Richard Corriea, in the most recent of his weekly messages,  informed Richmond residents of the increase in these crimes and gave tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of one of these crimes:

“During the month of January we experienced a significant increase in auto thefts in the district.  We had eleven auto thefts in December and twenty-eight in January.The January count includes eight Hondas and ten Toyotas. Nineteen of the cars stolen were manufactured between 1991 and 2001, and imports accounted for twenty-four of the vehicles.

Owners of older model imported vehicles should garage their cars if possible.  If you have garage space you should use it.  If you have to park on the street you should select overnight parking carefully.  In this connection it is better to park where there are street lights, foot traffic and residences.  If you have choices don’t park in front of a vacant building, far away from a street light or in front of a park or playground “

Captain Corriea and the SFPD also encourage anyone who sees any suspicious person to call 911 and report it to the police. To sign up for the weekly Richmond Station Newsletter email SFPD.RICHMOND.STATION@SFGOV.ORG and ask to be added to the list.

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Geographically, the Richmond district is one of San Francisco’s largest. It is also (I think) one of the most diverse. So the prospect of covering such a neighborhood can easily be overwhelming. Luckily, the neighborhood is pretty well covered by local bloggers and the like who write about topics ranging from the history of the district to general interest and hyper-local news.

Here is a list of some of the other media covering the Richmond (and feel free to let me know if I am overlooking any!)

  • The Richmond Review– a free monthly newspaper delivered door to door to Richmond residents each month
  • The Richmond SF blog, run by several Richmond residents, that is “designed to be a source of information, events and news about the neighborhood.”
  • Inside the Outside Lands– A blog from the Western Neighborhoods Project that is “about issues and events in the Richmond, Sunset, West of Twin Peaks, OMI and Lake Merced areas that have some bearing on WNP’s work or the history of San Francisco’s west side.”
  • The Green Apple Core– the blog kept by the employees of Green Apple Books of “bookish tidbits and other amusements.” (You may also want to check out my last post about this place which has become one of my favorite bookstores in the city)

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